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Birch Quarry Control System Upgrade




Hanson Aggregates Ltd

Birch Quarry Sand & Gravel Plant

Upgrade PLC, HMI and SCADA Systems

The Sand & Gravel Plant at Hanson's Birch Quarry was controlled by an unreliable and outdated Mitsubishi PLC & HMI system.  Acorn Process Controls were given the task of upgrading the hardware and software to an Allen Bradley based system.


The existing Mitsubishi A1S series PLC was replaced with an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and the old HMI, which was used to control the plant locally in the substation, was updated to an Allen Bradley Touchscreen PanelView.

Remote control of the plant was in the Weighbridge via an existing Wonderware InTouch SCADA PC running the Windows XP OS.  In partnership with the Hanson IT department, this was replaced with a new Windows 10 PC, again running Wonderware InTouch SCADA software, with an upgraded InTouch 2012 License.

All upgraded hardware is connected to the Heidelberg corporate domain, which allows us to remotely access the control system via a VPN.

The changeover was completed in a weekend with no loss to plant production.

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