Al-Futtaim Tarmac Control System




Al-Futtaim Tarmac

Shawkah Quarry, Dubai

Quarry Plant PLC & SCADA System

Al-Futtaim's Shawkah Quarry is located 70km outside the city of Dubai.  The existing control system was completely manual with the operators controlling the plant from an old pushbutton\ammeter style console.  Acorn Process Controls were given an order to fully automate the plant by means of a PLC & SCADA system.

A PLC panel was manufactured in the UK and shipped to site and the existing control panels were modified by our staff to accept PLC control.  The critical changeovers were carried out during the daily 4 hour maintenance shutdown of the plant to ensure that there would be no loss of production.

Ultrasonic levels and belt-weighers were installed along with motor current feedbacks to the PLC for all essential drives.  The existing dust suppression system was also automated.

A Wonderware InTouch SCADA system was installed in the plant control room and a second system for monitoring only was installed in the managers office.