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QPMC Qatar Sand Plant Control System Upgrade




Qatar Primary Materials Company

Sahara Sands, Al Karanah

Sand Plant PLC & SCADA System

QPMC's Saraha Sand site is located approx 60km outside the city of Doha in Qatar.  Acorn Process Controls were given an order to supply a complete PLC and SCADA package for one of the worlds largest Sand & Gravel plants.  The site runs a 20 hour per day, 6 days per week operation with a throughput of some 1200 tonnes per hour.

The existing PLC system was replaced with three Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC's, which were installed in 3 new custom built motor control centres supplied by one of our UK partner companies.  Overall control of the plant is from a new control room, where three Wonderware Intouch SCADA systems connect to the control system through an Ethernet fibre-optic link.

The motor control centres were shipped from the UK to Qatar in two 40ft containerised substations which were supplied complete with air conditioning and auxiliary distribution for the plant.

The entire changeover and commissioning was completed in 10 days, with our staff working through the severest of temperatures and conditions.

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